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Lawn Fertilization Program

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Lawn Fertilization Program

We know what it takes to make your lawn as healthy and beautiful as possible throughout the year. That’s why we use slow-releasing granular fertilizer to release nutrition into the lawn continually. It keeps feeding your lawn even in between visits.

Our Fertilization Program also includes weed control to make sure that your lawn stays weed-free, as well as grub control for absolute protection.

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Our Lawn Fertilization Plan Includes:

Professional Lawn Analysis and Tailored Plan
Weed Control that stops weeds and crabgrass before they germinate
Isolated Weed Control to target individual weeds and remove them from lawn
Weed Control Application to eliminate broadleaf weeds

Services Available Separate Upon Request

Weed Control

Eliminate weeds and crabgrass before they germinate and ensure that any stubborn straggler is nipped in the bud. Keep your lawn weed-free all year-round.

Lawn Pest Control

Grubs feed on the nutrients just underneath your lawn, cutting off roots and leaving dead grass on top. This allows an infestation to go undetected for weeks as they ravage your lawn. We’ve designed a program that targets grubs and keeps them out from under your lawn. We’ve got you protected. Keep grubs and other pests off your lawn with our Pest Control package.

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