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Additional Services

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Additional Services

Littleton Landscape is proud to offer these Additional Services to keep your lawn neat, healthy, and beautiful.

These Additional Services allow us to go the extra mile when it comes to caring for your lawn. Remember, it’s the details that count.

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Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

As a lawn gets walked over, mowed, rained on, and even just sits, it becomes compacted. This compaction ruins the flow of water and nutrition in the soil, leaving your lawn to starve. We use a Core Aeration method to pull plugs of dirt up and re-distribute them over the yard, providing the much-needed air, water, and nutritional flow that the lawn needs to thrive. We then overseed in any thin or bald areas of the lawn to promote new grass growth for a thick, healthy lawn.


Mulch adds depth and attractiveness to your lawn, but it also has many benefits. We lay down mulch to prevent weeds from growing, prevent compaction and erosion of soil, conserve water, and keep a moderate temperature in the soil during those warm months. We strive to improve your lawn’s appearance and health.

Minor Landscape Design

Littleton Landscape is proud to keep your property beautiful all year-round. Our dedicated and knowledgeable professionals learn what YOUR vision for your lawn is, and then help you achieve that.

We Service Residential & Commercial Properties!

We also offer

Commercial Snow Removal!

Combine for Full-Lawn Coverage!

Combine any of our services with our Fertilization Program to give your lawn the complete care that it deserves!

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